It was busy week in MLS with schedule congestion really kicking into full gear this week.  The revolution played 3 games in 8 days and, frankly, it probably couldn’t have gone any better.

After winning 1-0 in Atlanta on the 17th (a place they had never won before), they went on the road midweek and thrashed Inter Miami 5-0.  Last night, they returned to the friendly confines of Gillette Stadium and rode a pair of Gustavo Bou goals to a 2-1 victory to round out the week.  Oh and there’s this:

Now, here’s where I have a bit of a confession to make: I only really paid half attention to all of that this week.  I spent much of the last four days lifting furniture and climbing (apparently) 227 flights of stairs as I moved apartments. It was physically and mentally exhausting.  I mentions this only to say that, perhaps, some of the nuances of the Revs’ recent performances may have gone right over my head.

What didn’t go over my head was Gustavo Bou absolutely demolishing the crossbar on his first goal against Montreal yesterday.  I was at the game and you could feel the stadium nearly explode with amazement when it went in.  The craziest part is, that’s far from the first time he’s done something like that.  He scores golazos often enough that the colloquialism “Bou-lazo” is becoming common parliance.


With that in mind, here are my 5 favorite Bou-lazos.  As a disclaimer, I’m not ranking these on technical ability or shot difficulty.  If I had to specify a criteria, it would be “awesomeness”.  Sometimes these are awesome because they’re fantastic pieces of technical skill, and other times they’re awesome because of the in-game implications.

Bou-lazo #5: Chipping Sean Johnson

Gustavo Bou puts a nail in the coffin in the regular-season finale of 2019.  This shot shows exceptional awareness from Bou to realize Sean Johnson is off his line and great technique to get it just high enough to put it over the keepers hands.

What really puts this on my list, however, is that I consider the Revs win here to be revenge for a 2-1 loss in NYC just a few weeks prior.  In that match, Revolution center back Antonio Delamea was given a red card early in the first half.  Despite fighting hard to make it out with a point, a late penalty would give NYCFC the win.  A few days later, Delamea’s red card was rescinded.

I’m not sure if any of that was on Bou’s mind when he took this shot, but damn did it feel good watching it go in.

Bou-lazo #4: Making up for his mistake

This one makes my list because it not only shows Bou’s ability to score from anywhere at any time, but that he’s willing to put in the work off the ball as well.  Bou mis-plays a pass to Teal Bunbury at the top of the 18 yard box and Chicago intercepts.  Instead of giving up a transition moment he quickly presses to the ball and is able to poke it away from Azira and regain possession.  This time, instead of the pass, he opts to put a hole in the back of the net.

Bou-lazo #3: Breaking the crossbar

The goal that inspired this post!  Also the goal that expired the crossbar!  He hits this shot so hard that Pantemis doesn’t even react until it’s almost in the net.  All of that from about 25 yards out.

Bou-lazo #2: Making a strong first impression

Gustavo Bou was really Bruce Arena’s first addition to the team after he took over as manager in May 2019.  He rewarded Arena’s faith with this goal in his first appearance for the Revs.

Not only does he smack this shot so hard that the keeper has absolutely no hope of getting to it, he does so on the volley.  From a corner kick.  While airborne. What an introduction.

Bou-lazo #1: Winning games and reaping souls

This list couldn’t be truly complete without this playoff winning Bou-lazo.  This goal gave the Revolution their first playoff win since 2014.  In a way it helped to validate the Revs entire 2020 season, which at times looked a little lackluster.

For purely schadenfreude reasons, though, just watch every member of the Montreal Impact (RIP) fall to the ground in exhausted despair.  You can see the moment their souls leave the field.  He scores this in the 95th minute.  Damn, what a goal.


Did I miss any goals that belong in a top 5?  Disagree with the order?  Let us know on social!

(photo credit: Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

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