QB: D+


WR: C-

TE: A-

OL: B+

I expect to see this offense run the ball quite a bit this year. Damien Harris and James White should lead the way in the backfield with a strong line supporting them in Wynn, Andrews, Mason, and Brown. There were some additions made this offseason to a weak receiver core that lost their biggest star in Julian Edelman. New signings like Agholor and Bourne aren’t ground breaking by any means but it’s an improvement. I wouldn’t really look to any receivers putting up big numbers this year. I would however expect good fantasy numbers to come out of at least one of the new tight end signings.

Overall Offense Grade: B-



DL: A-


CB: B+

S: B-

It’s no question that run defense was a big issue last year. The Pats didn’t hide doing everything they could to improve on that this offseason. And they sure did improve. This line is now stacked with Godchaux, Anderson, Barmore and Adams all now supporting Lawrence Guy. A lot of talent in the linebacker core as well but it’s tough to figure how the rotations will work out at this point. Gilmore, Jackson, Jones, and Mills makes for a strong secondary. But if Gilmore isn’t back that can make for a different story.

Overall Defense Grade: B+


This roster overall is pretty good and has all the caliber of a postseason team. But this team has had the QB position figured out for 20 years. Last year was the first year without a QB plan and we saw how that went. But can one position really bring a whole team down when you’ve done so much to build around it, even if it is the most important position? Bill filled in a lot of holes this offseason, pretty much every one this roster had. To fill QB he drafted a top prospect but still a rookie. Whether Mac is ready to start or its year two of Cam, you can likely count on completion percentage being in the bottom half of the league. But with the strengths elsewhere on both sides of the ball, this team should no doubt be division contenders with the talent they have.

Overall Team Grade: B

Prediction: 2nd in AFC East, makes postseason as wildcard

Go Pats


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