Cam Newton unfortunately has to miss the next 5 days of prep, starting today, with the team because of a COVID test misunderstanding. It’s tough to understand how that happens or what it even means. Does it mean Newton tested negative but could somehow still be positive? That’s the only thing I can think of.

Last week Cam Newton was asked if he was vaccinated and he chose not to answer stating that it’s a personal question. Today, it feels like everyone is saying that question has now been answered but does this really confirm that he isn’t vaccinated yet?

Unfortunately, COVID storylines aren’t going anywhere anytime soon and now it’s taken hold of the presumed starting quarterback. Newton is coming off a great week that included a good game performance and seeing practice reps that confirmed that Bill and the Patriots really had him set as the week 1 starter all camp. Now his role as a starter that was certain last week could actually be back in question this week.

Everyone knows how important practice and preparation is to Bill. Missing 5 days at this point of camp, including a joint practice with the Giants, is crucial. Not only a huge loss for Cam Newton but a big opportunity for Mac Jones. To get 1st team reps all week is a phenomenal chance for Mac to show he’s ready to step up when he’s needed.

But if I’m being honest with myself, I believe Cam is Bill’s guy and as good as Mac has looked so far, and as good as he’ll probably look this week, Cam will still be the week 1 starter. I just think it’s too soon for Belichick to feel comfortable starting a rookie and Cam will still have over a week to prepare for the start of the regular season.

Follow-Up Note: The COVID test misunderstanding is apparently because Cam Newton was tested somewhere that was outside of NFL facilities. So now I’m wondering if that’s on Newton or the Patriots?

Go Pats.

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